Main Motion Leadership in Action: More Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy

Motion Leadership in Action: More Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy

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How motion leadership "moves" educators to action! Do your school reform efforts frequently sputter or stall? In this indispensable sequel to the bestseller Motion Leadership, Michael Fullan shares the real-life strategies and results of educators who have used motion leadership to propel entire organizations and systems forward. Success stories from the US and around the world illustrate how educators can use a small number of specific actions to generate momentum for lasting change. Motion Leadership in Action addresses:

  • Creating and leading movement in the right direction and at the right time
  • Implementing a "ready-fire-aim" mindset
  • Emphasizing the importance of collaboration
  • Forging relationships while handling resistance
  • Establishing your change stance in order to get better results
  • Get the skinny on what works in setting educational change in motion!

    "Great new insights from Michael Fullan′s latest thinking on how to handle an education system. It is rich in its case studies and crucially pays the necessary attention to implementation as well as strategy." —Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Adviser, Pearson Author of Deliverology 101

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