Main Stop S*x Addiction: Real Hope, True Freedom for S*x Addicts and Partners

Stop S*x Addiction: Real Hope, True Freedom for S*x Addicts and Partners

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Chances are someone you know is a sex addict (or is living with one).

Sex addiction is a growing menace that threatens all strata of our society, destroying millions of marriages, damaging reputations, contributing to suicides and in some cases prison sentences, and wasting mind-boggling amounts of money. But there is hope.

Sex addiction is treatable. Through the rigorous recovery program detailed in these pages, it is possible for sex addicts to stop all of their destructive behaviors—forever. The recovery road is long and difficult, but also very rewarding. Marriages have not only been restored, but enriched. By following the steps described in Stop Sex Addiction, addicts and their partners have found the path to freedom from sex addiction. You have taken the first steps along that path by picking up this book. The wisdom it contains will lead to real hope and true freedom.

Milton Magness, D. Min., MA, LPC, CSAT, is the founder and director of Hope & Freedom Counseling Services in Houston, Texas. He is a licensed professional counselor and a certified sex addiction therapist.

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