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HIV Psychiatry: A Practical Guide for Clinicians

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This book is a practical guide in understanding how to prevent HIV transmission, to recognize risk behaviors, and to add something else to their repertoires. It aims to empower clinicians and provide a sense of security and competence with the recognition and understanding of some of the psychiatric illnesses that complicate and perpetuate the HIV pandemic that continue to persist throughout every area of the world despite the magnitude of the progress that has transformed the illness from a rapidly fatal to chronic illness that is no longer life-limiting. Missing in most of the literature on HIV is the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, contribution of psychiatric symptoms, psychiatric illness, and risk behaviors that drive the pandemic and serve as catalysts for new infections. This practical guide provides state-of-the-art understanding of not only prevention but also a way to recognize risk behaviors, psychiatric symptoms, and psychiatric illnesses that will demystify and decode the sometimes enigmatic and frustrating reasons for nonadherence with diagnostic procedures and life-saving treatments and care. All behaviors and pathology are covered as well as the resources and treatments available. The goal of this text is to refresh knowledge on the current state of psychiatric illness management among people living with HIV, to provide a concise volume on the psychiatric aspects of HIV prevention and treatment that substantially impact the overall care of the patient, and to help understand the psychiatric catalysts of the pandemic

Written by experts in the field, HIV Psychiatry: A Practical Guide for Clinicians provides enduring guidance to medical and other professionals caring for complicated clinical patients as they face ongoing challenges in working with persons with HIV and AIDS.

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