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Pastry Recipes The Ultimate Pastry Recipe Book

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Easy and Tasty Pastry Recipes for Beginners! If you are new to baking and want to learn how to make homemade pastries, then this cookbook can surely help you out! A cup of coffee or tea is best paired with pastries. You probably enjoyed it in the coffee shop or café that you frequently visit. If you would like to make the same pastries at home, this recipe book offers many delightful pastry recipes that are easy to make and calls for common ingredients that can be bought even in your local supermarket or grocery store. From the French Éclairs and Religieuse to the classic apple pie, this book will give you a step-by-step guide to making the most heavenly and melt-in-your-mouth treats! Here are some of the featured Pastry Recipes in this book Apple and Walnut Strudel Southern-Style Pecan Pie Orange Pie with Cream Cheese Filling Peach Cobbler Cups Rustic Strawberry Galette Lemon Meringue Pie Fruit and Nut Rolls Apricot and Oat Bars Asian-Style Egg Tarts Easy Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Homemade Spanish Churros with Cinnamon Homemade Baklava Homemade Éclairs Homemade Cream Puffs Homemade Lemon Squares Homemade Classic Croissants Go ahead, surprise your family and friends with delightful pastries made right in your own kitchen!
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