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Karma Sutra - Karmachi Sanketik Bhasha Ulgadna

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The karmic code defines how we will live our lives in the current birth and what the destiny of our future lives will be. This book is written by someone who spent the first half of his life as a non-believer. During his early years, when the author contracted arthritis and suffered it for 10 years. Then he met his spiritual teacher, who cured him in 60 seconds flat! The minute that happened, his life changed. The second half of his life was devoted to practice, philosophy and philanthropy. His learnings, which are the secrets of the spiritual path, have been guardedly kept close to his chest. But as he approaches the final phase of his life, he has decided to share them with those fortunate enough to receive them. So here is spiritualism; not sacrificed, but SIMPLIFIED. This book will : -Read the real life stories of some of the most powerful saints who lived on this planet. -Figure out why karma dictates your destiny. -Decipher the secrets behind the laws of karma. -Learn how Karma can influence your luck. -The question "Why does this happen to me?" will be resolved on reading this book. This book is the Marathi version of Karma Sutra - Cracking the Karmic Code
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