Main Mini Instant Pot Cookbook: Over 200 Proven, Delicious & Easy Recipes for Mini Instant Pot 3 Quart Models

Mini Instant Pot Cookbook: Over 200 Proven, Delicious & Easy Recipes for Mini Instant Pot 3 Quart Models

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Then this cookbook is exactly what you are looking for!In a world where most pressure cooker recipes are cooked for larger appliances, mostly 6-quarts, how can you use your 3-quart mini pot to its fullest potential in the kitchen? This book contains all you need to know.Although the MINI pot is as awesome as any larger cooker with its multi-cooker function and convenient features, cooking recipes for its smaller size may sometimes need some testing in the kitchen.It is not as easy as cutting down the ingredients for the recipe. The various hidden modifications and variances can hugely affect how dishes are cooked for the mini models. There are various variables that you need to keep in mind. However, you do not need to worry about the differences.This book contains recipes that you can cook particularly for the Instant Pot Mini. No need to adjust any of the ingredients, measuring the liquids, or calculate about how much meat and veggies you can put in. You do not have to fear about overcooking or undercooking your dishes.Plus, if you already have favorite dishes that you make in a larger cooker, this book includes valuable techniques on how you can successfully adapt them for your smaller MINI. If you are new at pressure-cooking, this book also includes tips on how to use your pot efficiently.So what are you waiting for? Get this cookbook now and start cooking delicious Instant Pot MINI recipes! 11/10/2018 UPDATE: TOC Linked & Corrected.This Mini Instant Pot Cookbook will explore:Everything You Need To Know About Mini Instant Pot CookbookTop 10 Secrets to Utilize Mini Instant Pot to Its Fullest PotentialTop 5 Mistakes to AvoidBreakfast RecipesSnack RecipesLunch RecipesDinner RecipesDessert RecipesMouth-watering Meaty RecipesEasy Seafood RecipesDelicious Vegan & Vegetarian RecipesSide Dishes & AppetizersBeveragesAmazing Soup RecipesMuch, Much More!Grab your copy of the Mini Instant Pot Cookbook today
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