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Lignocellulose Bioconversion Through White Biotechnology

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Lignocellulose Bioconversion Through White Biotechnology

Comprehensive resource summarizing the recent technological advancements in white biotechnology and biomass conversion into fuels, chemicals, food, and more

Lignocellulose Bioconversion Through White Biotechnology presents cutting-edge information on lignocellulose biomass conversion, detailing how white biotechnology can develop sustainable biomass pretreatment methods, effective plant cell wall degrading enzymes to yield high quality cellulosic sugars, and the eventual conversion of these sugars into fuels, chemicals, and other materials. To provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, the work offers in-depth critical analysis into both techno-economic and life cycle analysis of lignocellulose-based products.

Each of the 16 chapters, written by a well-qualified and established researchers, academics, or engineers, presents key information on a specific facet of lignocellulose-based products. Topics covered include:

  • Lignocellulose feedstock availability, types of feedstock, and potential crops that are of high interest to the industry
  • Lignocellulose bioconversion, including both foundational technical aspects and new modern developments
  • Plant cell wall degrading enzymes, including cellulase improvement and production challenges/solutions when scaling up
  • Improvements and challenges when considering fermenting microorganisms for cellulosic sugars utilization
  • Scaling up of lignocellulose conversion, including insight into current challenges and future practices
  • Techno-economic aspects of lignocellulose feedstock conversion, green consumerism and industrialization aspects of renewable fuels/chemicals

Students, academics, researchers, bio-business analysts, and policy-makers working on sustainable fuels, chemicals, materials, and renewable fuels can use Lignocellulose Bioconversion Through White Biotechnology to gain invaluable expert insight into the subject, its current state of the art, and potential exciting future avenues to explore.

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