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The Hate that Hate Produced: The Nation of Islam

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The Nation of Islam was the most controversial and polarizing organizations of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Out of that organization came influential and beloved figures in American history such as Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, yet the Nation of Islam has been denounced by many segments of America for its doctrine of racial separatism and other controversial positions on race. In this collection of essays that were previously published in “Malcolm X, Bob Marley, and Other Essays” and “Muhammad Ali, the Confederate Flag, and Other Essays,” the author addresses some of the important aspects of the Nation of Islam.This work addresses questions such as who was Malcolm X, what made the Nation of Islam such an appealing organization to thousands of black people, why did Malcolm X leave the Nation of Islam, can the Nation of Islam be considered an organization that practiced reverse racism, and how did the Nation of Islam influence Muhammad Ali’s stance on the Vietnam War. Aside from these questions, and more, this work also seeks to both defend the Nation of Islam against many of its critics, while also critically assessing some of the organizations own faults.
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