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Impromptu Friday Nights : A Guide to Supper Clubs

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Almost everyone likes to socialize over a meal. Supper clubs that bring people together to enjoy a meal are natural enablers. The concept of supper clubs (hosting regular dinner parties) seems simple, but the “how to” can be daunting.Impromptu Friday Nights shows the reader how to set up supper clubs, provides options for different club formats, from large and formal to small and informal, and includes sample menus with recipes. Author Paul J. Kenny and his wife have been in many different types of supper clubs for most of their adult lives. They have been in large, formal clubs, small, informal ones and several others in between. Through these experiences, Paul has learned what works for a group and what doesn’t. As part of these clubs, he has been writing menus and recipes for years. He is a foodie and comes from a long line of foodies who love to entertain.Paul Kenny’s Impromptu Friday Nights directs the reader to focus on the most important building blocks of successful culinary entertainment.First, a menu design that delivers on the promise of food that delights the guests. Second, ease of preparation that permits the host to join and enjoy the celebration. And third, successful execution which unfortunately hampers many of us armed with mostly good intentions In an era of over-promising, misleading complexity, and verbosity this book simplifies the task, empowers the host to shine, and grants him/her success every time.
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