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Between Safe and Real

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Fifteen-year-old Zoe Wilkes has ninety-nine problems, and a boring life ain't one. With two hungry siblings, an empty fridge, and a violent mother to tip-toe around, Zoe can't slow down enough to catch a breath. When she discovers Mama's been reading her diary, Zoe realizes she has to stop writing in it. Trouble is, if she stops, Mama's sure to think she's hiding something, and will tear through her room like a tornado—again—to find out what. Her solution: write Mama-safe entries in the first diary, while writing her real thoughts in a plain-old composition book.

The more entries she makes, the fuzzier the line between safe lies and terrifying truths becomes, and it's not long before fears she's just as unstable as Mama. After all, the apple never falls too far from the tree. If there's even a shred of truth to her safe journal, then maybe her real journal's just hot mess of made-up horrors. When things at home escalate, Zoe must face reality in order to keep herself and siblings safe. But facing reality means taking steps that could shatter her family. Can her friends, Cheryl and Nate, help her understand that love shouldn't hurt and blood doesn't make a family?

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