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A human girl with fae blood. A broody fae protector with too many secrets. A devious witch thirsty for revenge.

Gabriela is the descendant of a fae princess and a human witch. But her life is earth-bound, and she knows little about her fae heritage. That all changes when she discovers someone from the fae realm wants to wipe out her bloodline—someone who's wanted to destroy her name for a long time.

She soon learns firsthand of the perils of the fae realm when she's attacked. And when she's told of the deadly foe hunting her, she finds herself whisked to faerie with a broody fae protector at her side. He's mysterious and quiet, and she senses he's carrying his own secrets. Even so, she can't deny the undeniable pull she feels toward him, and she's sure he's feeling it too.

With her life at risk, Gabriela must embrace who she is as a fae and a witch before it's too late and she loses everyone she loves.

Fae Hunted is book three in the Fae Bloodlines Series featuring slow burn romance, enemies to lovers vibes, blood-thirsty revenge, and heartbreaking truths.

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Rose Garcia
ISBN 13:
Fae Bloodlines

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