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The Bright Lights

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Allie Banks finds herself in the middle of the biggest rivalry in school history. Over the summer, by random chance, she meets Ellis Edgar, a lifeguard who shares her love of seventies music and artwork. Ellis steals her heart and becomes her first love. When her brother Auggie learns of their romance he demands she break it off. Unbeknownst to her, Auggie and Ellis have an intense football rivalry that dates back to when they were kids. He doesn't believe they met by random chance. After all, how would the star quarterback have time for a summer job? Auggie believes Ellis is using his relationship with Allie as a rouse to mess with his season and steal his football scholarship to Florida. As Allie falls deeper in love, her brother tries to put a stop to their romance. When rumors of Ellis begin circulating around the two schools, Allie is forced to question his intentions. Did she meet Ellis by random chance? After a deep dive into his

social media, a discovery makes her question everything. This book will keep you guessing as Allie struggles to learn the truth about her relationship. She is in love with Ellis, but is it worth it when her twin brother, her best friend, and the entire school disapprove? Join Allie as she uncovers secrets about Ellis' family, discovers who is telling the truth, who is lying, and whether this will end her relationship or divide her family.

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