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Juicy junk food may be hard to resist, but all those processed ingredients are slowly destroying your overall health. When breathing seems heavier and belly fat becomes your new best friend, it is time for the ultimate diet reset and a complete toxin elimination. Wonder how to restore your health without sacrificing your satisfied belly? Buy this book now and find out.“Instant Pot Whole 30 Cookbook” is here to make your life easier. All you need in order to bring balance back to your tummy is this book, an instant pot, and whole unprocessed ingredients.From learning the concept of Whole 30 eating to mastering cooking with the Instant Pot, this book will show you that healthy and satisfied can go hand-in-hand. Inside these pages you will find:What Whole 30 Is?What to Do After the Challenge is Over?Mastering the Instant PotGeneral IP Cooking Timetable to Kickstart Your Whole 30 JourneyPlus:Chicken and Poultry RecipesIrresistible Seafood RecipesSimple and Yet Extraordinary Pork RecipesFilling Vegetarian RecipesExtra Complimentary RecipesWhat are you waiting for
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