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Alzheimer's: Will I Be Next?

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"Before writing this book . . . it was important for me to acknowledge—and ultimately accept—the startling contrast between the before and after states of mind which co-exist in a victim of Alzheimer's disease.

"The before state embraces all those unique qualities we know so well in that whole human person we have cherished—the one who has always thought and reasoned and felt emotions in much the same way that we do.

"This remembrance, however, is not simply a compilation of only those events which are familiar and comfortable. It also reflects a harder dimension, the after state. This is the stuff that is not so easy for us, the outsiders, to comprehend—that impels our every reflex to reject what we see happening.

"In watching my mother's descent into the worsening dementia that so vividly characterizes Alzheimer's disease, I have witnessed the horrendous transmutations of mind and body which inevitably happen when this affliction strikes.

"I believe there is a worthwhile purpose in sharing this vision of a wretched truth. Perhaps it will offer a measure of comfort to those who must find their own ways of endurance as they watch someone they love make this same sorrowful one-way journey into the ever-deepening shadows of AD."

— Jack Turley

"His words flow seamlessly, drawing the reader deeper and deeper into his private world of grief and pain, but it's Mr. Turley's total honesty that lingers. If you read just one book this year, please make it this one."

— Patricia Lucas White, To Last A Lifetime

"As the author watches his mother slip into the developing stages of Alzheimer's, he offers a harrowing personal account . . . Soon Mr. Turley has to make a series of shattering decisions as his mother worsens. It is the author's battles with guilt and anxiety that give the book much power."

— Fred Klein, Santa Barbara News Press

"Five Stars! All Alzheimer's families: a must read. This book provides insight into the ways in which families can deal with this extremely difficult disease. A tender and revealing account of how a son can grapple with the challenges of a mother with Alzheimers, not all happy times but then life is not that way. A must read!"

—Sammy Clinton, Amazon Reviews

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