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Authentic Awakening: Dismantling the New Age Counterfeit

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Former High Ranking New Age Leader Exposes Demonic Schemes in New Age Practices In Authentic Awakening, Alan Strudwick tells the story of his conversion from a high-ranking New Age Leader to a passionate disciple of Jesus. Along the way, Alan exposes Satan's strategy to infiltrate the church, and equips you with tools to resist the Devil's schemes. From the age of 13 Alan Strudwick was chosen by a Hindu Guru to be an initiate and groomed to be a Key Leader in the New Age Movement's infiltration of Western culture. Trained in the demonic spiritual practices of astral travel/projection, rebirthing, Eastern meditation, palm reading, tarot cards, spiritual guide visitations, hypnosis, levitation, Reiki healing, channeling, and more, he reached the highest echelons of the New Age Movement. But in a miraculous encounter with the Living God, Alan's life was transformed forever! In Authentic Awakening, Alan shares his gripping personal journey, alerting you to the subtle and overt schemes the enemy is leveraging in your life. You will learn how to:
  • Recognize demonic invitations that are disguised as New Age practices.
  • Expose the "New World Order" agenda of the New Age Movement.
  • See Yoga for what it is: a demonic gateway opening doors for spiritual attack.
  • Identify Idolatrous Pagan Practices that have infiltrated Western civilization.
  • Discern how Satan masquerades as an "angel of light" and avoid his snares.
  • Walk in your authority in Christ and understand the "three heavens" identified in Scripture.
  • Resist the deception of "New Age Christianity" which packages itself like Biblical Christianity.
  • The enemy has a calculated plan to deceive and disciple you. Alan exposes Satan's "New Age" strategies so you can recognize his tactics, resist his snares, and walk in victory!
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