Main Off the Beach in the Caribbean: Travels in the Little Leeward Islands

Off the Beach in the Caribbean: Travels in the Little Leeward Islands

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Colourful and various – characterised by rich histories, a treasure-trove of fascinating places, and most especially by an array of unique, compelling personalities – the Caribbean islands are decidedly more than their beaches and resorts. Focused upon some of the region's tiniest islands, this work offers the reader unique access to the stunning beauty, the bustling diversity, the compelling cultural life, of each of these frequently (and unfairly) overlooked places. From the cloud forests of Saba to the desolate ruins of St. Eustatius' Lower Town, from Nevis' sly monkeys to Montserrat's goatskin bands, to Anguilla's gleaming salt ponds, Off the Beach tells a tale of past and present: of slavers and slave resistance, of volcanic blasts, stalwart revolutionaries, and of tourism's inescapable effects. Informed by the author's many years of travel to the region, Off the Beach will also introduce the reader to a cadre of artists, and authors, scholars, entrepreneurs, and pioneers who call these islands home. Ideal for any travel enthusiast or history buff looking for a compelling read about culture and history in the place they intend to travel to.
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