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"Soap Recipes" is a detailed and easy to follow soap making recipe book with more than 50 unique recipes, aimed at the beginner or anyone looking to increase their soap making repertoire.Includes FREE, BONUS CONTENT that can be downloaded from our website as an exclusive gift to make Soap Recipes even better value - a beautiful, print friendly PDF copy of the book, so you can print a copy, add your own notes to the prints and personalise your soap recipes even further."Soap Recipes" has a variety of recipes for all major soap making methods, including:Cold process soap recipes;Melt and pour soap recipes;Shampoo soaps recipes;Liquid soap recipes;Exfoliating soap recipes.There are base soap recipes as well as a variety of soap colorant recipes, essential oils variations, natural ingredients and many more.Each recipe comes complete with easy to follow instructions on preparing the soap mixture, when to add ingredients, quantities and how to cure the soaps.Why not start with these recipes as a base and experiment with your own ingredients, scents and colours?Michelle Gaboya has been a soap making enthusiast for over 10 years, creating all types of elegant homemade soaps for family, friends and various occasions.As an avid enthusiast she has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of soap making and is a recognized personality amongst the soap makers' community. She takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and experience with other keen soap makers.Michelle continues to hone her craft and experiment with new designs and formulas regularly.
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