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The Masterful Way: The 5-Steps of Being the Well-Manifested Life

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The Masterful Way is intentional, deliberate and powerful. It is a life of joy and happiness which is what we all seek. This book is about Mastering this kind of life. You will find this book to be different. It is not another book on the Law of Attraction. Nor is it a treatise on the next generation of New Thought. This is a book about Mastery; the Tool-Set, the Skill-Set and the Mind-Set. It is an in-depth perspective on Universal truths and the Laws governing all energy. This is the journey of living your highest Self and taking full charge of your Co-Creative power. An unfolding of truths will help you understand the suite of Universal Laws that define all that Is. You will find perspectives on what is actually real and what is not. You will be given tools to help you work with the Universal Laws, and therefore how to get out of your own way. Most importantly you will define your desires and put yourself on the road of Mastery. You will get help on being clear about your intention, on removing obstacles, mostly of your own making, and on defining that which is your Being. Your journey of Mastery must be expressed in absolute truth and belief. It is what you have to say. This is why we are all here. Take this journey, and the Universe will be privileged to experience your voice.
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