Main The College Wellness Guide: A Student's Guide to Managing Mental, Physical, and Social Health on Campus

The College Wellness Guide: A Student's Guide to Managing Mental, Physical, and Social Health on Campus

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A brand new guide that helps overwhelmed students manage their mental, physical, and social health, and reach and maintain a healthy balance in their college lives.Every year, nearly two million students arrive at college campuses, ready to embark on the best four years of their lives. Yet the reality is that the current cohort of students is one of the most stressed, anxious, and depressed ever. These stressors have real effects on students' grades, social life, and physical health. And the stakes are high! Students with the right community and support services have better outcomes, from increased chances of on-time graduation, to greater ability to take on head-start opportunities (like internships) that have deep impact on post-college life.The Princeton Review is proud to introduce The Campus Wellness Guide, an innovative new book that provides a mix of information, resources, and self-assessment activities to help students reach and maintain their overall health. The book includes:
  • Information on how to assess your college fit academically and socio-emotionally
  • Self-assessment activities that students can use to ID their specific stressors and ways to alleviate those issues
  • Sections on physical, mental, and social wellness, each with data-backed insights and research to help define the issues and strategies for handling
  • Proactive activities for student use, with reflection prompts to help develop roadmaps toward a healthier status quo
  • Wellness highlights, e.g., information on colleges with exceptional track records in specific wellness issues
  • Resources for national and college-specific help

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