Main Blind Curves: A Woman, a Motorcycle, and a Journey to Reinvent Herself

Blind Curves: A Woman, a Motorcycle, and a Journey to Reinvent Herself

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A widowed woman finds new life on the road in a memoir that is "much more than a motorcycle diary. It is about overcoming loss and reinventing oneself" (Library Journal). Recently widowed and feeling adrift in a drab, uninspired life, fifty-seven-year-old Linda Crill had tried to follow all the one-size-fits-all advice she could find—and she was still miserable. Then, out of the blue, she had an idea. Trading her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers, Linda committed herself to a 2,500-mile road trip down America's Pacific Northwest coast on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Along with a group of fellow travelers, Linda undertook a white-knuckled, exhilarating road trip from Vancouver, Canada, to the wine country of Mendocino, California. Along the way she encountered washed-out mountain roads, small town hospitality, humming redwoods, and acceptance from gentle, caring souls who just happened to have tattoos and piercings. By heading into the unknown and rounding the "blind curve," she faced her fears, revisited her core beliefs, and discovered not only a broader range of possibilities on the horizon, but also the fuel to embrace them and make them happen. Funny, irreverent, and extraordinarily honest, Blind Curves is "a must-read for baby boomers hungry to change the direction of the second half of their lives" (Long Rider Magazine).
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