Main Motivation-based Interviewing: A Revolutionary Approach to Hiring the Best

Motivation-based Interviewing: A Revolutionary Approach to Hiring the Best

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Stop Asking the Wrong Interview Questions and Start Hiring High Performers. The candidate seemed to have it all—a great resume, the perfect skills and confident responses to all of your interview questions. You had a good feeling about this one. Finally, a high performer—that terrific hire who undoubtedly would produce extraordinary results. But that's not how it turned out, was it? Here's a little secret: Before you can hire a high performer, you have to correctly identify a high performer. And to identify a high performer you have to ask effective interview question... and know how to evaluate the answers. Hiring the best requires more than just assessing a candidate's skill. Interviewers must also determine the candidate's attitude toward overcoming obstacles and how passionate they are about achieving your goals—both proven predictors of future success. Hiring expert and popular keynote speaker Carol Quinn provides a complete guide for accurately and reliably assessing skill, attitude, and passion, so you can expose the incremental differences that separate the pretenders from the genuine high performers. Once you discover the power of Motivation-based Interviewing, you'll never conduct an interview any other way!
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